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With there only being 4 designs for Diablo throughout the series, I think this a fresh look for Diablo as a character, as 2 of the desi...

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Blender test by Peacebasher Blender test :iconpeacebasher:Peacebasher 1 2 Sketch 10 by Peacebasher Sketch 10 :iconpeacebasher:Peacebasher 1 0 Sketch 9 by Peacebasher Sketch 9 :iconpeacebasher:Peacebasher 2 2 Sketch 8 by Peacebasher Sketch 8 :iconpeacebasher:Peacebasher 2 0 Sketch 7 by Peacebasher Sketch 7 :iconpeacebasher:Peacebasher 1 0 Sketch 6 by Peacebasher Sketch 6 :iconpeacebasher:Peacebasher 1 0 Sketch 5 by Peacebasher Sketch 5 :iconpeacebasher:Peacebasher 1 0 Sketch 4 by Peacebasher Sketch 4 :iconpeacebasher:Peacebasher 2 0 Sketch 3 by Peacebasher Sketch 3 :iconpeacebasher:Peacebasher 1 0 Sketch 2 by Peacebasher Sketch 2 :iconpeacebasher:Peacebasher 0 0 Sketch 1 by Peacebasher Sketch 1 :iconpeacebasher:Peacebasher 1 1
Bimbo Hair Curse Alternate Ending
She felt herself fading. Sophie or ‘Brittany the Bimbo Queen’ the new version of herself went by, was once again stuck between existence and oblivion. She was scared of what ‘Brittany’ would do now that she has fused with that fat-ass friend of hers. Every second that passed, Sophie felt herself thinning from reality. Being honest with herself, she was terrified. She had an entire life ahead of her; she had a degree, an apartment, a cat, parents, friends and now all of that would be lost and forgotten along with her. But she never gave up. She never stopped trying to achieve in life, she always had a cunning plan to solve her problems in life. But sometimes plans need a bit of a nudge to get going. Brittany had spent her time going to parties, flaunting her body and posting lewd photos of herself online in exchange for followers. This however, was going to be her downfall. What Brittany did not realise, was that all it took for Sophie to emerge again was a simpl
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Bug? by Peacebasher Bug? :iconpeacebasher:Peacebasher 1 5 Oh BBC... by Peacebasher Oh BBC... :iconpeacebasher:Peacebasher 2 0
Chill In The Scar Character Profile 2
CATEGORY#1: Basic Stats
Name: Kattatanga
Aliases: The King of the Dead, The Demon King, The First Fallen, The One in The Shadows
Sex: whatever the sex of his vessel is
Age: old as time itself
Race, ethnicity, culture: Part god and part demon
Kattatanga was the first of the gods to venture into hell at the dawn of time, 3 of the demon lords of hell; the demon lord of wrath, the demon lord of greed and the demon lord of winter, fought him and when they were on the brink of defeat, they used hell's demonic energy to corrupt Kattatanga to their side. Afterwards, Kattatanga returned to Atherius (where the gods and heavens are) to scheme. At first, his corruption went unnoticed by his peers, but they started to notice changes in his behaviour and attitude and eventually his suit of white Armour that he wore turned black and Kattatanga's behaviour started to become erratic. When confronted by his fellow deities, he finally turned against them, starting a revolution against the gods. He was ca
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Chill In The Scar Character Profile 1
CATEGORY #1: Basic Stats
Name: Harkyl Soulbane
Aliases: The Black Knight, the General of the Black Legion, The Guardian of Dawn, The Wandering Mage, the Man with a Heart of Stone, the Man of Stone,  
Sex: Male
Age: 43 (currently)  
Race, ethnicity, culture: Zangarian
Zangaria was the first place to have a king and it eventually evolved into the continent of Ostium, which has a lead kingdom in charge, Zangar, which have some but not full control over the other kingdoms of Solkar, Aegerberg, Rolthar, Thelon and Natopia. Zangar is the most dominant kingdom, it has the most cradles of magic in it and it deals with oversea kingdoms and empires the most as well. Harkyl's house, soulbane, is the oldest house in the world and is purely native to Zangar.
Height: 6'3
Body Type: Muscular as he has been fighting, training and building his body to the best it can be since he was 9.
Appearance: He has dark brown hair which goes to the base of his neck, his hair is somewhat wavy and covers
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One thing I've been noticing of late is that when users encounter somebody with an opinion they don't like, they tend to block them. 

Blocking somebody doesn't win you an argument, it just makes you seem childish and not wanting to hear another person's opinion because you're wrapped up in a bubble. 
I am referring to TheArtFrog 
We had a differ of opinions, we debated and instead of being mature just moving on he decides to block me because he doesn't like my opinion. Blocking somebody does not support your view in any way, shape or form and this applies to everyone. 

Blocking somebody, thinking it will win your argument won't, it doesn't make you smart, edgy or able to win an argument, it just proves that you deny it altogether.   


Gaunter O'Dimm
United Kingdom
Hi hi people
You don't need to know anything about me personally and I don't need to know anything about you personally, let's keep it at that.


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